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Great Product

I contacted your company last summer when I was trying to find a product to help reduce or eliminate the urine-smell in my pea-gravel dog run.

I have a 1,000 sq foot dog run filled with 3 to 4 inches of pea gravel (about 9 tons).  I board dogs in my home so this area gets a lot of traffic.  While fecal material is picked up the moment it lands, urine has to pass through the gravel, a heavy-duty layer of thick landscaper cloth and then filter through the earth below.  In the summer I normally hose the gravel down at least once a week by letting a sprinkler run on it all night.  I also use a deodorizer / detergent / disinfectant made for animal labs & kennels and spray it over the gravel occasionally and let it air dry.  Still, when it's hot and humid, I get a urine smell coming off it.

Desperate to find something to kill the smell, I started using SweetPDZ in July of 2013.  The results were immediate and extraordinary.  The urine smell vanished.  Instantly.

My situation differs from cleaning horse stalls where a layer of straw or bedding is constantly being replaced.  I don’t remove the pea gravel layer when cleaning — I flush it with water and clean it with disinfectants — but the urine does accumulate in the soil underneath and it takes a great deal of water to flush it away.  In addition, I regularly use an electric leaf blower to not only blow any leaves and debris out of the gravel, I also use the blower to redistribute the gravel with the blasting-air, bringing gravel up from the bottom to the top to reach the sunlight and air.

I ended up using about 2 bags of SweetPDZ (80 pounds) for my 1,000 sq foot area and sprinkled it by hand to cover the area as evenly as possible.  Then I lightly raked the surface of the gravel to allow the SweetPDZ granules to fall below the surface.  By the time I’d put my tools away the urine smell was gone!

I kept expecting to have to add more SweetPDZ during the summer, but to my surprise the granules continued to work their magic all summer and fall.

Thank you so much for an excellent and effective product.  I searched all over the internet for information on odor control for dog-kennel situations and finally stumbled upon some information on SweetPDZ. 

I can’t thank you enough!

Ginny Venning

Cats Prefer Litter Boxes Treated with Sweet PDZ

I have been a pet owner for my entire life and have had many cats over the years. Recently I was introduced to the product Sweet PDZ. I absolutely love this product for several reasons.

I currently have 3 cats and have always added this product to their unscented cat litter.   During a recent trip to get new cat litter, I inadvertently picked up scented cat litter and did not discover it until I poured it into their cat boxes.  I also have just one cat box with only Sweet PDZ and all of my cats will choose this litter box over the one with the scented cat litter as the one they use the most.

This product is also great at eliminating the odor of urine on any item where the cats have had an accident.  Just sprinkle it on to absorb the liquid and the smell is gone!  I would never have believed it, had I not tried it myself.  

It is a great product and I highly recommend it to anyone with pets.

Karen Thomas,  
Spokane, WA


I have to tell you, you have a wonderful product.

"Last week end I had the opportunity to work on the back yard.   Cleaning up from a winter of neglect, with lots of twigs,  leaves and some leftover dog stuff, was a major job.  In each  of the areas I cleared I sprinkled (by hand) your Sweet PDZ  and went on to the next area.  When I returned past the sprinkled site, there was no rotting soil smell and you could  not tell that two dogs inhabit the yard (a Gr. Shep - Monroe  and a Borzoi - Muttley).
Thank you for letting me know where to purchase this product.  I went to Southern States in Manassas, VA and purchased a  small bag.  It wasn't expensive, and definitely worth every penny I spent.
It is so nice to be able to open the door and windows to have "fresh" air come into the house.  I'm sure the neighbors appreciate it too."

Joyce Mabry
Centreville, VA







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